AILA SoCal Resources

We’re happy to offer a great set of resources for both our members and any non-members that may be visiting the AILA Southern California website. Please be advised that some of the provided resources may require you to be logged in to view.

Immigration Jobs

The AILA National Career Portal is a great resource for those seeking employment or wishing to post an available position. With a full set of career tools you’re sure to find whats right for you.

Find A Lawyer

AILA’s Lawyer Search is a phenomenal resource when looking for a lawyer to assist with a particular case. You can search based on type of lawyer and language(s) spoken, as well as location.

5th Grade Creative Writing Contest

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Southern California Chapter is a proud supporter of the American Immigration Council’s (AIC) annual “Celebrate America” creative writing contest for 5th grade students across the United States. The Chapter sponsors the local contest, which draws participation from hundreds of 5th grade students from both private and public schools across Southern California.

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