Benefits for Law Student Members:

Law students get access to:

  1. Law Students have access to special event days that are hosted by AILA, that give them the opportunity to practice their skills and network with attorneys;
  2. Law Students can access the special AILA Law Student Listserve;
  3. Membership in AILA’s National Directory online;
  4. Access to AILA’s website, includes information, guides and other information (including mentorships…) that are available on the site;
  5. AILA Student E-newsletter. Students can potentially publish on the newsletter and include that in their resumes, and as an additional way to get their names and reputation out to the public;
  6. AILA Career center: students can view and apply for opportunities for work;
  7. Free and discounted educational material that is key to creating, developing and retaining a successful practice by yourself or with a firm;
  8. Discounts to AILA National and SoCal AILA Conferences. At these events students can get information and material on how to actually practice (as opposed to the theoretical knowledge gain in law school) and network with colleagues and get potential job opportunities;
  9. Access to immigration law related research material;
  10. Being a member of committees and groups within AILA, and a way to become an advocate.

Finally, save $100 off the first year as an AILA Attorney member, if previously a law student member.

Local Southern California Chapter Benefits Include

  1. 1 free AILA So Cal program and 50% of all other programs.
  2. Opportunity to participate in the Internship/Externship program to gain hands-on experience, and potential job sources.

Internship/Externship Opportunities with Southern California AILA Attorneys:

The AILA Southern California offers Law School AILA Members to perform intern and externships with law firms of local AILA immigration attorneys.  Interested AILA attorneys and local law students can complete the applicable online application below for internship/externship consideration and matching.